Item# SPR457

Lightweight and comfortable, this respirator protects against dust particles, metal fumes, mists, and vapors.
The replaceable, close-pleated composite HESPA filters (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Air filters)
ensure an efficiency of 99.97% or higher at 0.3 microns particle size.
A large non-return exhaust valve reduces the user’s breathing resistance and keeps moisture buildup inside the mask to a minimum.
Constructed of flexible, soft thermoplastic elastomer, the mask features a low-profile design and elastic head and neck straps.
Meets the requirements of Code of Federal Regulations 42CFR84. NIOSH Approval Number TC-84A-5395.

Both standard and nuisance odor options available. See below for specs.


Download Standard P100

Download Nuisance Odor P100

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