Multi Purpose Cap Lamp MSHA Approved


Charger sold separately: NWB-30

MSHA approved cap lamp, lighter and super bright! Explosion proof, anti-impact cordless light.
47 degree adjustable stainless steel cap lamp clip.
Explosion proof, anti-impact, fire-resistant, flame-retardant,
water-proof, dust proof.


Model: WISE LITE 2
Rated capacity: 5.8Ah
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Continuous discharging time: 16h
Main light working voltage: 3
Main light working current: 400mA
Main light power: 1.2W
Main light luminous flux: 167Lm
Lamp lighting degree (Initial
lighting degree in 1 m) 8500Lux
Main light life span: 100000h
Auxiliary light power: 0.4W
Auxiliary light life span: 40000h
Short circuit protection time: <320μs
Life span of the battery (recharges) 1200 cycles (in reasonable working condition)
Charging time (by NWB-30): 4h (sold seperately)
Dimensions: 84x69x50mm
Weight: 5.96 ounces
Warranty: 2 years
Optional parts 47° changeable angle cap clip


Widely used in mines, fire, rescue and other demanding
extremely complex environment.

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