Huge Inventory Reduction on Galvanized and Black split bolts of various sizes. Everything MUST GO!

Thousands of split bolts at greatly reduced prices. All galvanized bolts are in good shape. Black bolts have
surface rust but are very usable. Choose from various sizes (see chart below for more info)

Items are located at our Osburn, Idaho warehouse.
Call 1-208-752-1294 for more information.

900SkemaHF6GS6'x39mm Galv$3.1040% Off
3000SkemaHF5GS5'x39mm Galv$2.5035% Off
1200SkemaHFB18GS18"x39mm Galv$1.2053% Off
2100SkemaHFC1833GS18"x33mm Galv$1.0540% Off
300JennmarHF6G336'x33mm Galv$2.0070% Off
1200JennmarHF4G334'x33mm Galv$2.0065% Off
3600SkemaHF5S5'x39mm Black$1.7540% Off
5400SkemaHF3S3'x39mm Black$1.2544% Off
600SkemaHFB18S18"x39mm Black$1.0055% Off

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