The AT - TUBESPILE™ forms part of the
POWER SET product family. It qualifies
perfectly as a pre-support system in
conventional Tunneling and is classified
as a spile.
The application of the AT - TUBESPILE™
permits the stabilization of local
instabilities in the excavation area and the
prevention of ground loosening induced
by installation. In poor ground conditions,
this system is a sound alternative to
conventional ram spiles, rebar spiles, or
IBO - Self-Drilling Spiles.

Technical Features

  • Self-Drilling installation permits installation in all ground types
  • Different drill bits for all geological conditions
  • Cased installation enables proper installation in poor foundation soil even with unstable borehole walls
  • Self-Drilling installation ensures proper installation even in changing ground conditions
  • High heading accuracy of the spile drills thanks to the guidance of the spile tube
  • No annular gap and therefore no settlements or ground loosening during installation
  • Back-flushing inside the spile tube ensures minimized influence the flushing water on ground properties
  • Optionally available with injection holes for drainage or injection purposes
  • Recording and control of the injection through a flow-pressure meter
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