No need for injection equipment.

The Lokset® system consists of an easily handled
cartridge, containing a highly reinforced polyester
resin component, together with its catalyst, in
accurately measured quantities. The components are
isolated from each other by a physical barrier which
prevents reaction between the components until
required. The cartridges are sausage-shaped and
designed for rapid insertion into a range of borehole
sizes, where they may be readily pushed to the
extremity at any angle above or below the horizon.
Therefore, optimum bolt anchorage in a wide range
of rock or concrete strengths is easily achieved simply
by adjusting the length of the resin anchor zone.

  • Minimum orders of $250
  • No reaction takes place until the roof or rock bolt is rotated through the cartridge, mixing the components and initiating the curing action. The chemical nature of the Lokset® cartridge allows the contents to be easily mixed, yet minimizes resin runout after mixing is complete.
  • The mixed resin fills the annulus around the bolt. Standard “point” anchorages will be firmly interlocked with the substrate and bolt within minutes.
  • The setting time of the resin components can be controlled. A combination of fast- and slow-setting cartridges makes possible the simultaneous operation of anchoring, grouting and tensioning a rock bolt. The simplicity of this method of anchoring/grouting eliminates the need for cumbersome injection equipment.
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