Model 931

Present day coal mining usually involves either a longwall or multiple miners in several sections.
The difference between the two is that the feeder for the belt in a miner section is usually located one to two breaks behind the face,
while in a longwall mine the feeder is located at the face. This location is deemed a volatile location by MSHA and special precautions must be made in order to minimize the chance of any explosion.

The use of a barrier type CO monitor in the past has been inconvenient to calibrate and the data cable often is damaged in the monorail causing distortions in the units signals.
To avoid these problems Pyott-Boone developed an intrinsically safe barrier for the data signal and power supply for the Section CO monitor.
The 931 / 932 or “Blue Outstation” permits the monitoring of Class G remotes situated in permissible areas (MSHA Approval #MMS-21-0).
This unit is connected to the trunk line of the mine monitor system (MCS) and is available with 320 or 4800 BAUD communication.

  • An input and output fiber optic board to separate Inby and Outby data signals.
  • A U.P.S., with battery kill, to power the monitoring/warning device at the feeder.
  • Barriers for the data power and shield cables.
  • The ability to supply data and power to the 2100 series that have a communication port, to monitor the CO and/or Oxygen (MSHA approval pending) levels at the face.
  • Use with the Pyott-Boone 320 BAUD (MSHA Approval #MMS-21-0) or 4800-BAUD (MSHA approval pending) systems.
  • Compliance with MSHA regulations on a Blue type device for longwall sections.
  • Isolation from damaged cable or units inby of Blue Outstation.
  • Ease of installation.
  • The ability to provide a section alarm with a digital display monitor.
  • The additional sales from Pyott-Boone Electronics MSHA Approved (#P7K-SC-274109-MSHA) Cable, installation fees, and/or other devices needed, such as, junction boxes, U.P.S. at the Headgate and/or a fiber optic link.
  • Four Class G Barriers
  • Works with the Model2103 MSHA Class G, Issue 113 CO Monitor
  • 110 VAC
  • Pennsylvania Approved (Pending)
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