PBE offer the Minecom MCA2000 UHF leaky feeder system providing Full Duplex Voice and Data communications.
The MCA2000 operates in the 450 to 490 MHz frequency range with 10MHz of TX bandwidth and 10MHz of RX bandwidth
with 25MHz separation between TX and RX. While the frequency band is quoted as 450 to 490MHz, the band is
limited by frequency separation between TX and RX. (i.e. the MCA2000 could be Base RX 450 to 460MHz and
Base TX 480 to 490MHz). PBE's Minecom series is completely flexible and can be adapted for any mining or
non-mining application. The down line distribution system is easily changed, expanded, or adapted by the
customers trained electrical staff as the operation grows. Minecom leaky feeder communication systems are
capable of providing ‘mine-wide’ radio communications covering in excess of 60 miles of underground mine
entries. In fact, wherever you run Minecom’s leaky feeder cable to our specifications, we guarantee voice,
data and video coverage.


  • The Head End can be located either on the surface (required in U.S. Coal mining) or underground, however it is recommended that the Head End be centrally located if underground. The ‘Heart and Brains’ of the system is the ‘Head End’ (UHE) and along with the voice and data radio repeaters; optional components such as video distribution units, telephone interface, PBE Page Phone Coupler, etc.; power supply; and stand-by batteries is mounted in a standard 19” rack cabinet. The Head End supports up to four leaky feeder output ports for redundancy and economy or three outputs in a fully redundant SMART Reverse system (not yet MSHA approved); a fault in one leaky feeder leg will have no effect on the other legs. Front panel switches are provided to enable mine staff to switch the DC power on/off to each leaky feeder cable leg to assist with fault finding and allow staff to log voltage levels & current drain etc. Additionally the rack includes a circuit breaker panel with breakers for all major devices located inside the rack.

  • All Minecom devices offer standard N type RF connectors or Minecom’s proprietary leaky feeder electrical style terminal & saddle connections depending on the type of leaky feeder cable used. The Minecom cable connection method allows for easy assembly underground, without the need for specialized training, tools or skills.

  • MineCom offers a wide range of Bi-Directional Amplifiers such as Voice & Data; Voice/Data/Video; Voice/Data/ SMARTDiagnostics; Voice/Data/Video/SMARTDiagnostics models and the recently released SMART Reverse amplifier which allows the leaky feeder cable to be looped back to the head end (SMART Reverse Head End required). In a Smart Reverse system if the cable is damaged the amplifiers on the inby side of the break automatically reverse direction thus providing communications on both sides of the damaged cable section. The amplifiers are required to overcome losses incurred as the signals progress along the leaky feeder cable, pass through a branch, etc. The normal distance between amplifiers is a whole roll of cable or 1148’ (350m) unless there is a branch, voltage barrier or power coupler in-line between them. Amplifiers are down line powered by 24 VDC or 48 VDC (non-coal use only) with MSHA approved units using a 96 hour, 14 VDC battery pack called the Model 1955 to supply I.S. power.

  • In line devices like single or dual branch units are used to provide coverage off the main line with a single branch for ‘T junctions’ and a dual branch for ‘X junctions’. Other components such as termination boxes ensure the correct standing-wave-ratio (VSWR) along the cable at each, joiner boxes are used to reconnect cable breaks, and the power coupler works in conjunction with any PBE power supply.
  • See download for more Information


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