• Bradley® Halo Shower Station: With Eye Wash and Plastic Bowl
  • Showers provides full-body relief from contamination, while the eye/face wash targets the eyes, where a gentle spray of water is optimal.The Spintec showerhead provides a more consistent distribution of water, improving user washdown. Eye Wash includes two soft-spray outlet heads to flush the eyes. Shower heads exceed minimum water flow of 20 gpm and Eye Wash exceeds 0.4 gpm. Galvanized showers are protected with a Bradtect® yellow coating and are ideal for most work environments. Dust covers, a universal identification sign and inspection tag are included.

  • Product
  • Type Eye & Eye/Face Wash Stations and Body Showers
  • Standard
  • Meets ANSI Z358.1
  • Brand
  • Bradley
  • Type of Eye Wash
  • Plumbed
  • Type of Bowl
  • Plastic Bowl
  • Model
  • Halo

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