Aluminum Scaling Bars

Used in the mining industry for prying overhanging rock.
Aluminum tube body for light weight and less user fatigue.

Underground mines are scaled from the ribs and roof to remove loose rock material
and for a miner's the process is a physical task that can greatly benefit from
a light weight aluminum scaling bar. We have many sizes available,
call or email us for more information.

Available in: Light 1" Aluminum, Standard 1-3.8", with or without end plugs, ect.


SB48 Aluminum 4' with bent hard tip
SB4L Aluminum 4' light 1" with tip

SB6L Aluminum 6' light 1" with tip
SB6 Aluminum 6' with bent hard tip

SB8L Aluminum 8' light 1" with tip
SB8 Aluminum 8' with bent hard tip

SB10 Aluminum 10' with bent hard tip
SB10L Aluminum 10' light 1" with tip

SB12 Aluminum 12' with bent hard tip
SB12L Aluminum 12' light 1" with tip

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