50 Ton and 25 Ton Hydraulic Rail Bender

Hydraulic Rail Benders for light rails are the double hook type with a 25 ton hydraulic ram-pump or 50 ton ram with remote pump.
They provide direct 90 degree pressure against the rail head between the hooks.
The underlipped hooks of the frame have convex bearing surfaces to prevent crawling off the rail.
The hydraulic benders are much easier to use than the manual screw type.

50 Ton Hydraulic Rail Bender Part#3H50
(Ram with separate hand-pump)

Twice the hydraulic pressure of our standard bender for easier bending of rails 25-85 lbs. Uses same bender frames as standard models. Weighs 127 lbs

Models Available

  • 3H50 – 50 ton ram 25-60lb/yd rail (127 lbs)
  • 2H50 – 50 ton ram 60-85lb/yd rail (170 lbs)
  • 3H – 25 ton ram 25-60lb/yd rail (95 lbs)
  • 2H - 25 ton ram 60-70lb/yd rail (138 lbs)

Quick ram retraction. Heavy-duty springs pull piston completely into cylinder in less than 5 seconds. No pry-bar needed to release ram from rail.


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