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  • Custom Design
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Bolt On Edges
  • Weld in Base Edge
  • Teeth & Adapters
  • Side Cutters and Strike off Plates
  • Weld in Corners & Side Bars
  • Safety Steps
  • Bucket Protection

    Weld-on Heel Shrouds protect high-wear and impact locations on a bucket, protecting the equipment.
    Corner Protectors protect high-impact locations of the bucket, extending life of the bucket.
    Black Cat Cast Alloy Lip Shrouds provide maximum wear and protection for the bucket lips.
    Sidebar Protectors mount to the sides of the bucket. Adapter plates and shroud extensions are available.
    Mounted Wear Plates provide extra protection to the bucket wall.

    Excavator Base Edges

    While excavators are a generic product line on the surface, there are a number of options and accessories to consider. Most excavator buckets have with a single bevel flat weld-on edge along with a handful of weld-on adapters evenly spaced along the width of the bucket (or length of the edge).

    Depending on the size of the bucket and the application it is working in, these weld on edges vary in thickness up to 3”, up to 24” wide and generally come in lengths from 12” up to 96” and longer, though any combination is possible.

    We offer industry standard bevels, as well as customized bevels and noses to match any adapters.

    Excavator Cutting Edges

    Bolt-on edges, which have been common in Western Canada for a number of years, are starting to gain wider acceptance.

    These bolt-on edges are available in a standard straight edge for looser material as well as a serrated version which offers increased penetration like a tooth and adapter arrangement while maintaining the smooth floor of a flat edge.

    Bolt-on arrangements are commonly available in a one-piece or three-piece systems, 7/8” through 1-1/2” thick and 13” or 16” wide.

    Base edges on existing buckets can be modified to accept these bolts on edges or Black Cat can produce a pre-drilled version to meet the requirements of any excavator bucket.

    Replacement Teeth and Adapters

    Adco, Ateco, Bobcat, Champion, JCB & Volvo replacement.

    Black Cat direct replacement teeth and adapters are manufactured using our highspec alloy steel and heat treated to our precise specifications.

    Computer design and analysis is employed in the development stages to ensure proper fitment and optimum strength for every part. Efficient processes and state-of-the-art foundry practices allow for competitive pricing of quality parts.

    Our teeth and adapters come in a variety of different styles to best suit your needs and machine type. We also offer hardware, pins, and locks and cast backhoe lips.

    RV Teeth and Adapters

    Hammerless pin for safe and easy installation!

    Side Cutters

    Sidecutters improve penetration, increase bucket capacity and cutting width, and offer increased side bar protection.

    Strike Off: Half arrow profile, moderate to average digging

    One-Piece: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, average digging

    Blade-type: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, drilled to accept optional extension plate

    Heavy Duty: Increased wear and side bar protection, tough digging conditions

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