Inventory Clearance Sale on 33mm & 39mm galvanized and black friction bolts

Thousands of split bolts at greatly reduced prices. All galvanized bolts are in good shape. Black bolts have
surface rust but are very usable. Choose from various sizes (see chart below for more info)

33mm Black Friction Bolts

600 - 18” 33mm black friction bolts $1.00ea.

33mm Galvanized Friction Bolts

900 - 18” 33mm Galvanized Friction bolts $1.35ea.
300 - 4ft 33mm Galvanized Friction bolts $2.45ea.
300 - 6ft 33mm Galvanized Friction bolts $3.65ea.

39mm Black Friction Bolts

1500 - 5ft 39mm Black with slight service rust $2.60 ea. Min. order of 1200pc. Or all!
600 - 3ft 39mm Black with some service rust $1.50 ea. For all!
420 - 6' 39mm Black

39mm Galvanized Friction Bolts

1020 - 5ft 39mm Galvanized Friction bolts $3.85 ea. For all!

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