Page Boss Mine Phone

Item# Model112Gen2

The Page BossTM Model 112 Series mine pager phone features a bullhorn speaker, a fiberglass reinforced enclosure with a combination handle, handset hanger and mounting bracket.
Its total weight with battery and bullhorn is only 13 pounds. The phone contains one printed circuit board and one 12-volt battery.
The circuit design provides a maximum undistorted power of 2.4 watts to be delivered to the speaker which insures clear communication.
Both paging and semi-private communications are provided. To page, both the page switch and the handset switch must be depressed.
Semi-private conversation can be maintained by depressing only the handset switch.
The Page BossTM Model 112 Series is available as Model 112 Gen II, Model 112, or Model 112RS.

Mine Phone Specifications

Size: 12"h x 7 3/4"w x 6 1/2"d 30.5cm H x 19.5cm W x 16.5cm D
Weight: 11 pounds/ 5 kilograms
Power Source: 12 VDC battery NEDA 926 (unless otherwise specified)
Power Requirements: Standby 0-milliamps, page amplifier-350 mA
Input Line Resistance: 18K ohms
Input Line Impedance: 2K ohms
Output Impedance: 600 ohms
Output Page Voltage: 12 volts
Output Page Current: 500 mA (shorted line)
Page Amplifier Power: 2.4 watts RMS undistorted
Solid State Relay Sensitivity: 2 volts DC
Material: Fiberglass reinforced
Warranty: 90 day from manufacturer

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