Page Boss Model 117

The Model 117 Page Boss weather resistant phone is the perfect solution to wet and exposed areas.
Exposed areas outside or in preparation plants, wet areas underground and more.
The Model 117 is weather resistant but is not weather or rain proof.

16 gauge stainless steel enclosure separate enclosed hand set compartment
Comes with one printed circuit board and one 12-volt battery.

The circuit design provides maximum undistorted power of 2.4 watts speaker for clear communication.
Paging and semi-private communications are provided.

Unit is compatible with all mine page phones on the market.

Caution Telephones should not be mounted directly to metal surfaces above ground.
Insulate from frame ground. If metal conduit is used, be sure to insulate from the conduit.
Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to failures due to electrical storm activity.


Power Source: 12 VDC battery NEDA 926
Power Requirements: Standby- 0 milliamps, page amplifier- 350mA
Input Line Resistance: 18K ohms
Output Impedence: 600 ohms
Output Page Voltage: 12 volts
Output Page Current: 500 mA (shorted line)
Page Amplifier Power: 2.4 watts RMS undistorted
Solid State Relay Sensitivity: 2 volts DC
Material: 16-gauge stainless steel
MSHA Approval: #9B-102-2

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