Item# Model112RS

MSHA approved Page Boss phone with bullhorn speaker. Fiberglass reinforced enclosure with a combination handle, handset hanger and mounting braket.
The phone contains one printed circuit board and one 12 volt battery. The circuit design provides a
maximum undistorted power of 2.4 watts to be delivered to the speaker which insures clear communication.
Both paging and semi-private communications are provided.

MSHA approval #9B-102-2

Mine Phone Specifications

Size: 12"h x 7 3/4"w x 6 1/2"d 30.5cm H x 19.5cm W x 16.5cm D
Weight: 11 pounds/ 5 kilograms
Power Source: 12 VDC battery NEDA 926 (unless otherwise specified)
Power Requirements: Standby 0-milliamps, page amplifier-350 mA
Input Line Resistance: 18K ohms
Input Line Impedance: 2K ohms
Output Impedance: 600 ohms
Output Page Voltage: 12 volts
Output Page Current: 500 mA (shorted line)
Page Amplifier Power: 2.4 watts RMS undistorted
Solid State Relay Sensitivity: 2 volts DC
Material: Fiberglass reinforced

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