American Diamond Tool has a wide selection of diamond products that provide proven technology
for the Mining, Oil/Gas and Geo-Construction industry's most challenging situations.

Available diamond bit product line includes:
Impregnated Bits, Surface Set Bits, Amdril PDC Bits, Reaming Shells, Casing Shoes.

American Diamond Tool's impregnated bit selection is based on 1-14 classification system.
1 is designated for the softest rock and 14 for the hardest rock.
See below for some of the common impregnated bits with their recommended rock type:

Rock Type & Recommended Bit Type

  • Chert (Ultra Hard) Bit Type: 14A0
  • Jasperite (Non-Abrasive) Bit Type: 12A0
  • Glassy Quartzite (Very Fine Grained) Bit Type: 10A0
  • Rhyolite (Competent)
  • Granite (Very Hard) Bit Type: 9A0
  • Gneiss (Non-Abrasive) Bit Type: 8A0
  • Quartzite (Fine Grained) Bit Type: 8D2
  • Quartzite (Competent) Bit Type: 8D2
  • Granite (Hard) Bit Type: 8D2
  • Pegmatite (Moderately Abrasive) Bit Type: 8A0
  • Silicified Volcanics (Fine to Medium Grained) Bit Type: 7A0
  • Skarn (Competent to Fractured) Bit Type: 7D2
  • Basalt (Medium Hard) Bit Type: 6E4
  • Diorite (Moderately Abrasize) Bit Type 6A0
  • Diabase (Medium to Coarse Grained) Bit Type: 5A0
  • Gabbro (Competent to Fractured) Bit Type: 5A0
  • Dolomite (Medium Soft) Bit Type: 4A0
  • Weathered Granite (Abrasive) Bit Type: 4A0
  • Serpentine (Medium to Coarse Grained) Bit Type: 4A0
  • Peridotite (Competent to Fractured) Bit Type: 4A0
  • Conglomerate (Soft) Bit Type: 2A0
  • Hard (Very Abrasive) Bit Type: 2A0
  • Limestone (Coarse Grain) Bit Type: 1A0
  • Sandstone (Highly Fractured) Bit Type: 1A0
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