Split Strain Relief Clamps

Advanced Entrance Fittings - The Patton & Cooke split strain relief entrance fitting is ideally suited for installations where trailing
cable couplers are not being used but where cables may be installed and moved frequently.

The split design means that the entrance fitting can be installed or removed without disturbing the stress cones,
sleeves or taping which makes up the cable termination for quick and easy installation and removal without any tools!
Available in 6 sizes which cover cable outside diameters from 2.76-3.50 inches (70-89mm) diameters 0.625″-3.625″(16-92mm).
Larger sizes available on request.

Split Strain Relief Clamps PDF

Strain Relief Clamps

Patton & Cooke strain relief clamps eliminate strain of the cable connections at the coupler/enclosure interface on electric shovels, drills, LHD’s, jumbos,
junction boxes or cable supports. Also supports a cable in vertical shaft and pole applications.

Made of thick, black polyurethane and using galvanized hardware and wire rope, the strain relief clamp is designed to
prevent cable jacket damage and to withstand the tough use in typical mining, construction and utility applications.

The strain relief clamp is available in 12 sizes, covering cable diameters 0.625″-3.625″ (16-92mm).
Larger sizes available on request.

Strain Reflief Clamps

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