Demon Hydraulic Rotary Drill

Powerful versatile drill capable of drilling in any condition. Applications include geothermal, water well, irrigation, environmental, geotechnical and seismic.

The Demon model shown is our Hydraulic Rotary drill mast attached to a Boxer unit. The compact design of this unit makes it a perfect fit for geothermal heating/cooling and water well installations.


Down Force: 8,800 ft lbs
Pullback: 11,000 ft lbs
Rotary RPM: 35 to 88
Rotary Torque: 1,558 ft. lbs
Stroke: 72 in
Hydraulic Pressure: 3,000 psi
Hydraulic Flow: 12 to 18 gpm
Starter: 12 volt electric

This drill unit has other options and configurations available.
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