The Model 234/237 unit by Pyott Boone houses both a Belt Head Dust Suppressor (Model 234) as well as a Mid Point Dust Suppressor (Model 237).
These units are independent electronically controlled water spraying systems designed to control the emission of dust at the transfer points and/or the Belt Heads of conveyor belt systems. The integration of the two products allows one product to work for either or both applications.
The Belt Head Dust Suppressor may be used to wet down material prior to its reaching the transfer point or it may be installed to knock down the dust at the transfer point. It operates by electronically detecting the movement of material on the conveyor.
The Mid Point Dust Suppression, model 237, operates on an adjustable timed cycle of spraying a fine mist of water between the top and bottom belts.
It may be used to control the dust generated by long belts. Installation is quick and simple, cutting your downtime to a minimum.
Design of the Model 234/237 has been optimized to make a safer and better working environment.


  • No moving parts.
  • Dust and water resistant
  • No hydraulic/mechanical/or spring loaded devices
  • Not subject to damage to by belt load
  • Fiberglass reinforced enclosure.

  • Dual function dust control
  • Sprays only when necessary reducing water usage
  • Selective spray eliminates mess caused by overwetting
  • Special strainers and flush valves eliminates costly clog-up of spray nozzles
  • Easy to install
  • Service time virtually eliminated

  • Adjustable spray delay
  • Can be operated in manual or automatic mode
  • Design allows application on any belt width

  • MODEL 234/237 - Combo Dust Suppressor System
  • MODEL 234/237A - Combo Control Panel
  • MODEL 234B - Transfer Dust Solenoid Valve - Assembly 300 PSI
  • MODEL237B - Mid-Point Dust Solenoid Valve Assembly 300 PSI
  • MODEL 234C - Transfer Dust Spray Manifold Assy. - Length - 26 inches
  • MODEL 237C - Midpoint Dust Spray Manifold Assy. - Length - 48 inches
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