SMJ Fans is a division of Western Precision Manufacturing.
All SMJ fans are designed and constructed to meet the customer's requirements.
Unsurpassed quality, low maintenance.

Primary Fans

  • 7" to 12' diameter
  • Single or dual stage
  • Shaft, direct or belt drive
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Pressure development up to 36" water gauge
  • Fan Information

    Size Range: 1'-12' diameter
    Number of Stages: 1 or 2
    Drive Methods: Shaft & belt driven (max of 600 hp for belt driven units)
    Mounting: Horizontal or vertical
    Volume Range: Up to 1.4 million CFM
    Pressure Range: Up to 45" water gauge
    Blade adjustment: Externally at stand still
    Bearing lubrication: Automatic oiling system


    SMJ Fans Brochure

    Products Available

  • Scrubber system
  • Vane axial fans
  • HDA series fans
  • Primary ventilation
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Marine duty
  • Face fans
  • Contra-rotating axial fans
  • 2-stage axial fans
  • Cassette systems
  • Starters & controllers
  • Silencers (guaranteed decibel levels)
  • Inline centrifugal fans
  • Industrial applications
  • Permissible fans (MSHA approved)
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