Item# 11180

Mine Ventilation Air Sealant

Silent Seal® Mine Ventilation Air Sealant low pressure spray polyurethan foam is a chemically cured,
two-component foam system designed for use in mining applications.
This replaces mortar as the material for sealing and installing mine shaft stoppings
ventilation control devices. This product expands quickly and fills, seals, coats
and sound dampens areas above and underground.

Silent Seal NA requires no outside mechanical or electrical power source and is
disposable. When properly applied, the sealant will create a seamless, continuous seal
to insulate and protect against dust, air infiltration, etc.


  • Factory-attached dispensing hoses. No need to attach hoses prior to use
  • Handle is secured to tanks
  • Passes ASTM E-162 with a flame spread of <25
  • Expands and seals in seconds, Cures in one hour
  • High optic yellow color. See exactly where sealant is applied
  • Easy to open box for immediate use
  • Hoses extend from top of tanks. More reach and stability
  • Polyisocyanurate formulation for improved performance
  • Adheres to coal, slate brattice, cement, wood and most other materials in mines
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