Until now, pull-testing friction rock bolts was only possible if an attachment collar was installed with the bolt.
If there was no collar, the bolt could not be tested.
The longer a bolt has been in place, the more questionable its integrity becomes, especially in wet or corrosive conditions.

F&H Mine Supply is offering a new type of pulling apparatus that enables testing of any
installed friction stabilizer, new or years old.
Lighter and faster to use than the old collar gripper, the new fixture provides a means to firmly
grab the end of a bolt outside the plate and allow a testing force to be applied.
The device may be used with most existing hydraulic rams, or purchase the complete test package.

The cost and limitations of installing pull collars is eliminated and unforeseen critical areas may be tested as necessary.

Currently the fixture for 39 mm bolts is offered, but other sizes are available, built to order.

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