The Gruvlok® Fig. 7001 Standard Coupling forms a flexible
grooved end pipe joint connection with the versatility for a
wide range of applications. Services include mechanical and
plumbing, process piping, mining and oil field piping, and many
others. The coupling design supplies optimum strength for
working pressures to 1000 PSl (69 bar) without excessive
casting weight.


Heat treated, oval neck track head bolts conforming to ASTM A 183
Grade 2 with a minimum tensile strength of 110,000 psi and heavy hex
nuts of carbon steel conforming to ASTM A 563 Grade A or Grade B, or
J995 Grade 2. Bolts and nuts are provided zinc electroplated as standard.
MEtric BoLtS & HEAVY HEX nutS:
Heat treated, zinc electroplated oval-neck track head bolts made of
carbon steel with mechanical properties per ISO 898-1 Class 8.8. Hex
nuts are zinc electroplated followed by a yellow chromate dip.


Ductile Iron conforming to ASTM A 536, Grade 65-45-12 or Malleable
Iron conforming to ASTM A 47, Grade 32510.


Rust inhibiting paint Color: ORANGE (standard)
Hot Dipped Zinc Galvanized (optional)
Other Colors Available (IE: RAL3000 and RAL9000)

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