Designed for Strength

Bearing Plates are manufactured from high strength steel. They are designed to help prevent loose
material from falling between the roof bolt patterns and provide strength to your immediate roof.
The “donut-shaped” embossment around the center hole increases deflective strength. The donut distributes the load to the roof bolt and also serves to center the bolt and provide protection to the bolt head.
Bearing Plates are also manufactured with a “dome” embossment. The dome is used in applications where
the seam height is greater. Bearing Plates are available in a variety of sizes and
grades to fit your roof plan requirements.

If additional strength is required in the center for
stronger bolting systems, the donut embossed
Bearing Plates have been designed to accommodate a
Donut Plate Insert (DPI) washer.
The DPI can be used between the roof bolt and
Bearing Plate. The DPI strengthens the hole location
where high loading and deformation occurs. This
unique combination provides the required strength in
critical areas, the center and the edges. The system
effectively reduces bolt pull-through and plate bending in heavy ground conditions.

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