Hollow Bar System are fully threaded steel bar which can be drilled and grouted into loose or collapsing soils without a casing.
The bar features a hollow center for simultaneous drilling and grouting and a rope thread for connection to standard drill tooling.
Standard rope thread profile (R25 - R51, T76 has a trapezoidal thread). Durable drill rod suitable for a range of applications.
Can be installed into a variety of different soils and ground conditions ranging from sand and gravel to inconsistent
fill, boulders, rubble and weathered rock, as well as through footings and base slabs.

Installation Advantages

  • Ability to work with small drill rigs without casing in narrow spaces
  • Similar installation methods for all ground conditions
  • Simultaneous Drill and Grout Installation:
    Combines both operations into a single construction cycle, enabling high rates of production
  • No Casing Required:
    Can be installed into loose or collapsing soils without the need for a temporary casing to support the borehole
  • Rotary Percussive Drilling:
    Allows quick rates of installation, good directional stability and assists in the consolidation of the grout within the borehole
  • Wide Range of Applications

  • Soil Nails
  • Micropiles
  • Ground Anchors for temporary works
  • Rock Bolts and Spiles
  • Material Characteristics

  • Fully Threaded Rod Sections: Continuous thread ensures that rods can be cut and coupled at any point.
  • Thread Profile Standard ISO rope thread (R25-R51) or trapezoidal thread (T76) produces an excellent bond between the bar and grout, and enables connection to conventional drill tooling.
  • The hollow core serves for flushing with air or water during drilling, but also for grouting the hole.
  • Choice of drill bits for different ground conditions
  • Enhanced corrosion protection is available upon request
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