Tools designed for water resource industry for multiple purposes including municipal wells, industrial consumption and Agri-irrigation wells.
The mining industry uses large diameter RC tools for large diameter wells to process ore and to dewater areas adjacent to open pit mines.

Matrix RC tools are extremely durable with the large diameter RC rods having unique design aspects that sets them apart from the competition
which include double shoulder thread profile, vibration dampers between inner and outer tubes, high strength Microalloyed steel.

Supported Accessories

Matrix supports their RC tooling with an array of purpose specific drill string accessories:
Interchanges - Rock Bit Adapters - Subs - Drill Collars - Transition Rods - Swivels
Hoisting/Lowering Shrouded Rock Bits - Fishing Tools and more!

Large Diameter Reverse Circulation Dual Tube Drill Rod

Matrix’s dual tube drill rods feature a wide range of standard and custom sizes making our product adaptable to nearly any rig or drilling program.
Sizes range up to a 7” ID inner tube.

Product Range: (OD 5.5" ID 3.00") (OD 6" ID 3.25") (OD 7" ID 4.00") (OD 9 5/8" ID 6.00") (OD 10.75" ID 7.00")
Lengths up to 40'. Custom sizing available on request.


Sizes range from 6 5/8 in. to 24 in. for dual rotary rigs. Left hand or right hand threading options are available.
Multi-start threading options are used for high torque applications.

Drill Collars

Matrix Drill Collars are used to achieve the correct weight on bit (WOB) to maximize penetration rates and prevent drilling in compression.
Matrix Drill Collars are machined from high grade alloy steel corresponding to AISI 4145.
Each collar undergoes rigorous quality control procedures during manufacture.
Matrix offers a DI-22 thread form and a stress relief groove in the pin tool joint connection.
By running Matrix Drill Collars, failures in the drill string will be reduced to a minimum resulting in less cost per foot for the driller.

Transition Rods

The Transition Rod effectively absorbs drill string torsional and lateral stresses associated with deep hole RC drilling.
The redistribution of stresses will increase drill string life and minimize failures making the Transition Rod a prudent addition to your drill string.
The Transition Rod is positioned strategically between the Drill Collars and the Dual Tube Drill Rod.
Matrix Transition rods are machined from high grade alloy steel. Adaptable to any combination of drill collar and RC drill rod sizing.

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