Easy to load. Easy to clean. Easy for mixer drivers to see concrete level.
Strongest Trailer and Axle in the Industry. 18" of steel between the engine and 9000lb axle.
Adjustable Shifting-Force Valve. Lets you increase force for harsh-mixes and decrease force during clean-out. Only REED pumps have it.

  • Integrated Locking Toolbox. A convenient place for secure storage.
  • Reverse Function switch on the Cable and Radio Remote. For operator convenience.
  • Harsh Mix Hopper with Agitator. (comes standard on B70) For tough mixes.
  • Available Options

  • Hopper Agitator. *(An auger-type remixer comes standard on B70).
  • Twin Shifting Cylinders. *(Come standard on B20HP & B70).
  • Hydraulic Outriggers.
  • Radio Remote Control.
  • Hopper Vibrator.
  • Side Security Doors.
  • Mixer Attachment. Hydraulically-driven lift mixer attachment available. Standard or heavy-duty.
  • Truck Mounting. REED can truck-mount any B Series Pump. *(Paint color is also optional.)
  • Skid Mounting. REED can skid-mount any B Series Pump.
  • Track Mounting. REED can track-mount any B Series Pump. (Paint color is also optional.)
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