Reverse circulation drilling helps mineral exploration industry to economically collect
samples when searching for ore bodies. Reverse circulation method is used mostly in
tough, broken and abrasive formations and offers several economic advantages over diamond
coring in these environments as well.


Underground RC drilling operations uses Matrix M3.25 RC Drill Rod.
Surface exploration applications uses Matrix M4-4.5"-5.5"-6" RC Drill Rod.
Larger diameter RC drill rods include 7"-9-5/8"-10.75" for bulk sampling,
mine dewatering and water resource applications.

Reverse Circulation Dual Tube Drill Rod


Matrix manufacturers 3.25" OD RC Drill Rod for underground mining exploration.
The M3.25 rod is very tough and durable and is optimized for maximum airflow with
the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling which increases productivity and depth capacity.

Reverse Circulation Dual Tube Drill Rod


Matrix’s signature product line is the dual tube drill rods which feature a wide range of standard and custom sizes.
Matrix dual tube drill rod products are adaptable to nearly any rig or drilling program.
Rod sizing includes M4, 4.5”, 5.5”, and 6” OD.

Field-Replaceable Inner Tube Drill Rod

Dual tube products feature a removable inner tube which gives the user
the ability to replace them at the job site without needing to machine or weld.

Reverse Circulation Pre-Collar Casing

Durable thread stout casing design for larger RC rigs. Field proven thread profiles as well as both
one-piece threaded casing and casing with composite alloy tool joints.
Full range of sizes available of mid body steel, grade and dimension.

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