Round filament wound fiberglass ducting is manufactured in a technically advanced process of bonding plastic resin and fiberglass strands.
Due to its round shape and the outstanding strength Fiberglass Round Ducting withstands high positive and negative pressure and resist impacts caused by moving equipment, flying rocks and rough handling.

Fire resistant according to ASTM E-162 with flame spread index of less than 25.
Will not promote or sustain combustion. Thermal conductivity is much lower than metals 0.20 – 0.24 w/m/k.3.
Antistatic properties 10³ ohms @ 1% wt. surface resistivity.
When subject to loading or impact, FRP springs back to shape (memory), while metal will dent and leak and may start to recoil.
Smooth interior to guarantee low flow resistance and therefore an increase in powwer savings. FRP is EMR/CSA and MSHA approved for underground.
Can withstand high positive and negative pressures. Acid mine water resistant and rot proof.


- Filament wound fiberglass ducting.
- Smooth inner surface – low friction loss.
- Tapered and straight ends for airtight joints.
- Easy installation – guaranteed fit.
- Strong steel straps with D-Rings for interlocking of sections and/or suspension for added strength and safety.
- Tapered ends specially reinforced.

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