Lay Flat systems are ideal for positive pressure applications.
Seams and grommets are welded to be airtight for low resistance.

25 Foot and 50 Foot lengths usually on hand special lengths made to order.


Low friction loss
Stiff cable endrings minimize leakage
Grommet suspension strips
Acid & rot resistant
MSHA approved
Standard lengths: 25’ to 1000’
Positive pressure shaft duct

Lay Flat Shaft Duct Features

Two welded suspension strips
Steel wire cable w/ button stops welded into the suspension
Standard diameters 24” – 96”

Flexible Suction
Flexible Suction Ventilation
Flexible Suction (Spiral) Duct is designed for both high negative and positive pressure
Strong nylon fabric & polyester fabric, coated w/ PVC
Springsteel helix reinforcement
Stiff cable endrings / internal coupling bands
Airtight seams
Low friction loss
Standard diameters 10” to 96”
Standard lengths 10’ – 25’
Standard pitches 6”, 3” & 1 ½”
Shaft duct

Spiral Shaft Duct Features

Strong nylon fabric and polyester fabric, coated with PVC
Springsteel helix reinforcement
Stiff cable endrings, internal coupling bands or rope cinch coupling
Airtight seams
Smooth interior
Low friction loss
Standard diameters 6” to 96”
Standard lengths 10’, 15’, 25’
Standard pitches of 6”, 3” and 1 1/2”
Spiral Shaft Duct for negative and
positive pressure
Spiral reinforced by springsteel
wire helix
Diameters 24” to 96”
Standard 25’ length

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