Protect and Extended Cable Life – Redesigned to protect and help prolong the life of all your electrical cables around a mine site.
Brand NEW optional extra bright red LED locating lights readily identifies road boundaries and closures.

Patton & Cooke Cable BOSS keeps electrical cables off the ground and highly visible to crews and equipment.
Keeping cables elevated and visible is a generally recommended practice – and in some jurisdictions it is a required practice.
In addition to enhanced electrical safety, the cable BOSS can help prolong cable and coupler life and reduce coupler contamination due to moisture,
mud and ice and marks off dangerous areas and blast sites.
Optional battery powered lights are ideal for use for blast marking in underground mines.


  • Highly visible orange
  • Stackable for easy shipping a storage
  • Highly visible reflectors for added night time visibility
  • Hand grips on each side for easier handling
  • Accommodates 4.25" diameter cables (Boss-100L)
  • Optional extra bright red LED, solar powered (Boss-100L)
  • Light yet durable
  • Applications

  • Maintain electric trailing cables off ground, out of mud and ice
  • Mark off blast sites
  • Mark off dangerous areas
  • Mark closed roads
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