• AH models are direct fired heaters designed for use in industrial applications. These heaters are the first choice of construction
      contractors requiring safe, efficient, powerful air heaters for temporary heat. Their robust, compact design pressurize your
      building and offer cleaner heat and increade air circulation to virtually eliminate moisture problems.


• Operate with virtually 100%
• Low-pressure natural gas or vapor
propane burner with Fire Eye®
flame control
• Modulating thermostatically controlled
burners maximize
fuel efficiency with up to 25:1
turndown ratio
• Fully enclosed burner located
inside the cabinet and upstream
of blower prevent flames exiting
heater discharge
• All operating components are
designed to operate at –40°F
• Durable welded exterior and
tubular internal frame design
outperform our competitors screw
fastened sheet metal cabinet
• Designed to work at 2.5” WC
static pressure results in moving
more air further at higher
• Standard controls include:
Flame safety supervision
Air flow sensor
Discharge air control
Remote thermostat with full
modulation burner control or
Disconnect switch for external
supply power termination

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